The Thirst of a Stone Sea

Cuce – an isolated region of Montenegro. People live in scattered hamlets, the way their ancestors did, with old habits and customs preserved. Will the approaching globalisation change their lives? Did it do so already?

In a region where 17th century met the 21st, the reality is often surrealistic. One goat shepherd mourns for heroic times and great men, one man builds a road with his bare hands, one office is always open, one young woman is ready to live in a cave for love, one boy is obsessed with by the roots and one charcoal maker surveys the world politics.

Vladimir Perović


A Mansion (1989), The Saga on Samourai & the Mud (1992), Pilgrimage (1996), Tuning Voices / Rigging Votes (1997), The Clock (2000), Son (2000), Allegria (2000), Love, Vow (2001), A Slight Malfunction on My Shiny Star (2001), The Guard (2002), Vanishing (2003), The Call (2004), Creating (2005), The Smoke (2006), Fisherman George scatters the Gloom (2006), The Steps (2006)

Director: Vladimir Perović
Production: Anka Perovic & Vladimir Perovic
Duration: 78:33 min
Country: Montenegro, 2007