Roma Snapshots: a day in Sarajevo

The film attempts to enquire into Sarajevan Roma’s sense of identification, belonging and memory. It portrays the daily lives of the Roma through snapshots of their concurrent realities, where painful memories, laughter and religious beliefs exist side by side. The simultaneous screening of the four episodes draws attention to the ethnographic filmmaker's dilemma of how to best represent her subjects and which aspects of their lives should be highlighted. It also engages the complexities of portraying reality and challenges the standard narrative approach to documentary film-making.

The recent war in Bosnia and Herzegovina serves as an undercurrent to the four short films. The effects of the conflict are apparent on the former refugee Nermina or on the veteran soldier and garbage collector Husen. Its results can also be seen in the population displacement, which is a source of entertainment for the kids at the market. The reliance on the charitable Islamic organizations that provide food for the city’s poor is testament to the post-war impoverishment of many people living in Sarajevo.


Education and qualifications
2006 - 2007 MA in Visual Anthropology, University of Manchester, UK
2001 - 2004 BA in Sociology, Social Anthropology & History, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel

Films, Exhibitions and Presentations

Exhibitions Exhibiting Identities? Stage @ Leeds, Leeds, December 2007. A solo film and photography exhibition, displaying materials gathered during three months of fieldwork among the Roma in Sarajevo.

Global Eyes: Victoria Baths, Manchester, October 2007; Shoreditch Town Hall Gallery, London, November 2007. A collaborative photography, film and sound exhibition, displaying the works of MA Visual Anthropology students.

Documentary Films [in progress] Body Whisper the story of a tetraplegic woman's daily experiences.

Roma snapshots: a day in Sarajevo, 2007 (8 minutes)

Director: Vanja Čelebičić
Duration: 8:35 min
Country: UK/Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2007