Mayomi’s hard times started in 1999 when at just 19 the Tamil Tigers killed her husband. When the tsunami struck in 2004, Mayomi beat her way through the roof of her house and watched hopelessly as her home was washed into the sea, taking her mother with it.

One year later, and still homeless, Mayomi, the only female member of her family, single-handedly cares for her disabled father, her alcoholic brother and his abandoned six-year old son.

She must also fight the incompetence of a bureaucracy failing in its promise to provide a new home.

It is courage, strength and optimism that sustains Mayomi and provides the heart and soul of this intimate film.

Carol Salter

My introduction to film began at Art School, after watching Humphrey Jennings´ "Listen to Britain", a documentary capturing 24 hours of wartime Britain. With no voice-over, it conveyed everyday life through the juxtaposition of images and sound, and suggest more than any commentary or text could. From seeing this film, my passion for editing and the documentary grew.

After working at the BBC, I studied editing at the National Film and Television School. Since then, I have been able to combine my passion for editing, working as a freelance editor on various shorts, features, television dramas and documentaries, with making my own films. To further my interests in world issues I started working with Oxfam in 2002 making films.

Director: Carol Salter
Production: Carol Salter
Duration: 48 min
Country: UK/Sri Lanka,2008