Carta De Quinhamel

Gina’s mother didn’t want her to say goodbye before coming here, because if somebody else knew, they could harm her. Djú was working as a teacher, but now he’s a pupil. Both of them are in Portugal now, to see if they can take a step forward on their way between two worlds. Two Guinean students and an anthropologist, off-screen

Peter Anton Zoettl

Peter Anton Zoettl was born in Munich, Bavaria. Having studied Social Anthropology and Film in Germany and Portugal, he’s preparing a dissertation in Visual Anthropology about African immigrants in Portugal. He’s been working as a journalist and film-critic for German television and print media. He dedicates himself to photography, having realized a couple of exhibitions in Europe and on the African continent.

Director: Peter Anton Zoettl
Production: FullBlue
Duration: 77 min
Country: Portugal, 2008