Boatman's House

Paulino makes from the shag over the river an unexpected home. In there he keeps just about everything, cooks shaves and styles his moustache, shelters when the rain, cold or winds strike. He asks and grumbles for a new proper house.

He makes the connection between Tagus’ riverbanks. The movie follows the last boatman during four seasons. In winter and autumn, by the fire over the river’s valley, in a waiting compass broke by the passing trains that very seldom bring passengers. In spring and summer, at the wooden table, sharing a drink or a snack with who passes by. Until unexpectedly a passenger comes down from a train or to the riverside to catch it.

Now there is no boatman and the new house remains empty.

Jorge Murteira

Jorge Manuel Cunha Murteira
Born in Lisbon, June 4, 1966

1993    MA course work in African Studies, ISCTE.
1991    BA in Social Anthropology, ISCTE.

Recent documentaries
2008    Educação Artistica em Portuga (Arts Education in Portugal).
2007 A Casa do Barqueir (The Boatsman's House)
2007    Construções em Xisto (Constructions in Shale)
2006    Conferência Mundial de Educação Artistica (World Conference on Artistic Education). 

Recent Exposition Videos: Director, cinematographer and editor of various projects including:
2007    Castelo e Barbacã em Portalegr (Castel and Barbican in Portalegre).
2005-06 Fado Cravo, Berta Cardos and O Fado por Stuart Carvalhais (Fado by Stuart Carvalhais) 


Director: Jorge Hurteira
Production: Maggoo Audiovisuais
Duration: 61 min
Country: Portugal, 2007