Thekey Pe Kya Kartey Ho? - What Business Here?

Livelihood is the answer that Rajiv, Monu and Sagar would give to the question posed by the film “thekey pe kya karte ho”. Their homes are in the nearby ‘Jagdamba Camp’ located right behind the Sheikh Sarai Market, New Delhi, the place where the these children spend the formative years of their childhood opening beer bottles for the never-ending customers at the local wine and beer shop.

Their primary interest being the empty bottles handed to them by the customers, which they sell to ‘Imran Kabadi Shop’, the recyclers, and earn their bit to supplement their family’s earnings and have their own share of fun. They have many stories to tell, many little secrets to guard as their space of livelihood is also their only playground. The film tries to capture and document a possible snippet of a day in the life of these three friends.

Spandan Banerjee

Spandan joined advertising in 1996 in Calcutta, India right after he graduated from
St. Xavier’s College, Calcutta.

His first stint in advertising was with Response India. After which lived and worked in
several cities working with IB&W, BBDO etc. Soon after, he joined McCann Erickson, Delhi and worked there for 3 years.

In 2003, he quit advertising as creative team leader and started Overdose.

Overdose is an idea house with a definitive alternative bent. For three years, Overdose has been producing shorts, documentaries, and advertising commercials. An ambient company, it is run out of New Delhi and Calcutta.


Spandan’s first film Tuesday Rushes (2004) was made during his last year of advertising.
The film Tuesday Rushes is like a journal entry, an expression of a personal quest towards knowing one’s choice and the possibility of living them. Tuesday Rushes was screened as a part of the Monsoon Festival-2006 in Alliance Francaise.

Chitromala trans. Garland of images (2005)
TRACK2 (2006)
Thekey Pe Kya Kartey Ho? trans. What Business Here? (2006)

He has just shot and is currently editing his narrative film titled The Fiction.

He is interested in cinema, photography, contemporary Bengali music, cartooning and food.

Director: Spandan Banerjee
Producer: Overdose Films
Duration: 5:40 min.
Country: India, 2006