The main theme of Viscult 2007 festival is "Daily Bread"

The world changes. People's ability to survive creates new types of professions and ways to earn one's living. Human existence depends on this type of inventiveness in both countryside and cities. Thus the human inventiveness has turned out to be unlimited natural resource.

Anthropological and documentary films have represented different types of professions in different surroundings and cultures for decades. This year's festival films will introduce survival strategies and ways to earn one's daily bread.

Which professions have survived and which new opportunities the modern world produces for people?

The Festival of Visual Culture is a personal event with the majority of filmmakers present to introduce their work encouraging the opportunity for profound discussions of the films, film-making, and culture. The festival is also in close co-operation with the University of Joensuu and its students.

The festival utilizes modern technology to bridge geographical obstacles and to our knowledge is the first film festival in the world that streams all content - films and discussions alike - live on the Internet all over the world. This brings great possibilities for promotion of the filmmakers, the producers, the distributors etc.

Film content is ethnographic, anthropological and documentary. Student films are very welcome.