The First Festival of Visual Culture
Joensuu, Finland

"Festival of Visual Culture" is an International ethnographic and documentary film festival
with a lecture series 25. -27.10.2001 held in Joensuu, Finland. "Strangers in Society" is the
theme for this year's event. International and Finnish representatives from visual
anthropological and ethnographic film-making are giving lectures on visual anthropology
and hosted by the University of Joensuu. Film-showings are at Joensuu Science Park's
completely digitalized facilities.

Films chosen for "Strangers in Society" will look at the individual within
any group/society, as well as a group within any larger body/society.

Festival of Visual Culture is Open to the general public.


university of Joensuu Cadimef Pohjois-Karjalan taidetoimikunta

Centre for Media Culture kulttuuri 2001